Digital Storytelling Workshop

3-Part Workshop at the Cortland Free Library

Melanie Arnold of Time Warner Cable’s Public Access TV Channel 2 will present this 3-part workshop. You will create a visual short story using your photos and audio recordings and, using a simple editing software program, create a story based on the poem, “Where I’m From” by author George Ella Lyon. The workshop is FREE and open to the public. Registration is required and limited to (6) participants. Check the calendar for dates & times. 

Participants will need to bring:

·         15 to 25 photographs that really speak to them; that have some meaning behind them.  Including photos of family members, a favorite vacation place, places you are from, local history, your heritage, a hero figure, etc.  Photos can be in digital or print format.

·        A notebook and writing utensil (or a laptop/tablet if you prefer taking notes digitally)

·        Flash drive – minimum 8 GB or larger

·        Headphones or ear buds

Part 1:  Participants will look at their images and reflect on how those images made them feel and what it makes them think about.  Through a series of prompts and cues, they will write down these thoughts in their notebooks.  Taking this information, they will begin to write a “poem” based on George Ella Lyon’s “Where I’m From”.  Participants will be given a written example of this poem as well as be shown a visual poem for their reference. Poem will need to be completed by next session.

Part 2:  Participants will need to bring their photos, finished poem and their flash drive (8GB or larger). Participants will record their poem into a digital recorder.  This recording will also be copied into their flash drive. Additionally, participants will be introduced to the basic video editing software Windows Live Movie Maker 2012. Navigating the editing workspace and importing their digitized elements into the editing software will be conducted. Due to time restrictions, participants can make an appointment to have their photos scanned prior to this session.

Part 3:  Participants must bring their flash drive and written poem to class.  Participants will complete their “Where I’m From” visual poem and export it out into a movie file. If time is available at the end of the workshop, participants will be able to view their final project in class.